Over 70 people participated in Sunday’s trail scavenger hunt, including families from as far as New York City and North Carolina. We saw teams beat the heat and the time clock to discover hidden gems across the city and earn points for using as many modes of alternate transportation as possible.


Our top finishing teams were:

1) Portland One Wheelers: They unicycled the whole way…AND took the bus! And made it all they way out to Libbytown.

2) The Goonies: These guys were strategic and racked up points and hit dozens of peninsula locations, and did lots of bonuses, including hopping into the ocean!

3) Team Yankee: These two ladies from South Portland biked across the city to land third place!

4) Honorable mention: Blue Devils: This team demonstrated a spirit of collaboration and derring-do that Portland Trails loves. Having only one day in Maine, the family from New York City & India, chose to spend that day running around the peninsula with each other. They were all smiles by the end, and we couldn’t help but applaud their attitude and energy.


Every team had great stories and we look forward to adventuring with you all next year.

Check out the gallery below for photos!