Portland Trails celebrated its 30th anniversary this year! That's three decades of transforming Greater Portland through trails, people-powered transportation, conservation, and placemaking. We've loved taking the time to reflect on all we've accomplished together over the years. That's why we are highlighting five newsletter articles from our archives that tell the stories of the people who have helped the trail network become what it is today.

1995: Fore River Bridge

First, a look back at the installation of the now iconic Fore River Bridge, 90 feet long and still as impressive as ever. It's a great reminder that many of the city's most beloved trails are a collaboration between Portland Trails' staff, community and municipal partners, and volunteers. Read more here.

1999: Connections!

We have always designed out trail network to create important connections that help people get where they are going. One of the earliest and most significant examples of this is our role in connecting the Eastern Prom Trail to the Back Cove Trail under Tukey's Bridge in 2000. Read more here.

2004: The Presumpscot River Preserve: Bigger and Better Than Ever

Not only does this article feature the 2004 expansion of the beloved Presumpscot River Preserve, but it also highlights the scrappy ingenuity that Portland Trails' staff, volunteers, and community partners have always had. In this story, Portland Trails and the Maine Conservation Corps got in their canoes and floated lumber down the river to deliver it shore close to where the wood would become bridges. Read more here.

2013: Forging into Westbrook!

The Portland Trails network extends into four municipalities, including Portland, South Portland, Falmouth, and Westbrook. This story highlights the progress we made expanding the Stroudwater Trail into Westbrook in 2013, reaching new residents and creating new connections. We will be continuing this work in 2022 thanks to a generous grant from the Idexx Foundation! Read more here.

2015: People Power Keeps Bayside and East Bayside Abuilding

Urban trails, like the ones you'll find in Bayside and East Bayside, improve the neighborhoods' walkability and help reduce residents' reliance on cars. Our 2015 and 2016 work in these neighborhoods brought about big changes, like the Gould Street Commons, but our work still continues as we collaborate with neighbors and community partners to continue reducing remaining barriers to trail usage. Read more here.