These vines wrap around and suffocate plants, shade out light sources. You can see this strangling vine all over the trails.

The largest bittersweet I’ve ever seen,” says Daniel Bishop. It had to be cut down with a chain saw.

Native to Asia but introduced to Maine as an ornamental plant. You can see these right near Jewell Falls, the Eastern prom, Canco Woods and more.

Volunteers emerge from a wall of knotweed on the MidSlope trail.

Common Reed, Phragmites

A volunteer sets up a monitoring box in a large patch of Phragmites to help measure the spread of this invasive reed.

Native to Eastern Europe, this ornamental plant is sometimes used to comabt erosion and make living fences, but it grows quickly and densely and crowds out native species. East Bridge St section of the Presumpscot River is covered in the flower, but you’ll see it all over residential gardens too.