Portland Trails is a nonprofit urban land trust that transforms Greater Portland into a healthier community for people-powered transportation, conservation, and recreation by creating and maintaining a network of trails and green spaces that connect people with places.


  • Community involvement: Our community is not a distraction from our work. They are the reason for our work. We look at the commitment, opinions, resources, and emotions of our community as a source of wealth and an organizational asset.
  • Inclusion, collaboration, & teamwork: Appropriate teamwork maximizes quality results, minimizes cost, reduces planning time, creates lasting meaningful relationships and allows everyone the opportunity to have authorship and personal satisfaction in their accomplishments.
  • Innovation & creativity: Success will be determined by the ability to create, recognize, evaluate and implement new possibilities that are consistent with the vision, mission, and values. We focus on creativity, innovation and change, using them properly and intentionally as sources of energy to propel the organization to achieve the mission.
  • Diversity: New ideas, products and services emerge from discussing, focusing, and facilitating the conflict that results from our differences. We invite, honor, learn and grow from our differences.
  • Stewardship: Every stakeholder is constantly promoting, protecting, and working according to the organization values. Each is committed to focusing the organization toward accomplishing the agreed upon vision and mission. Employees hold each other accountable for aligning their professional and personal actions with these values.  There are consequences for alignment with the organizational values and for violations of those values.
  • Leadership: The ability to affect and influence others with respect and dignity by discerning, acting and maintaining clear positions which are founded on well thought-out principles, beliefs and available information. Leadership is about doing whatever you can do, from whatever position you occupy, to make your organization and the people around you better.
  • Conscious evolution & intentionality: There is no such thing as “the status quo!” Organizations are not static; they are living systems. We have two choices: 1) to participate consciously in the organization’s evolution, or 2) to allow the organization to evolve without our knowledge or participation.