This trail is adopted by Adopt-a-Trail sponsors Developer’s Collaborative (Duck Pond trailhead) and Back Cove Animal Hospital (Brentwood Gardens trailhead).

Trail Details

  • Map/Directions: Google Map
  • Accessible by: METRO Bus 9A/B
  • Length: 4 miles, 239 acres
  • Activities: Biking, mountain biking, dog friendly, snow-shoeing, birding, cross country skiing, picnic tables and benches available, some trails accessible to people with disabilities

Established in 1855, Evergreen Cemetery‘s 239 acres make it the second largest cemetery in Maine. It has a number of noteworthy headstones and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The cemetery has a park area with four ponds and a network of wooded trails. Walking and biking trails include paved and gravel trails through the cemetery as well as an extensive network behind the cemetery of wooded biking and hiking trails, blazed with the colors on the map to the left and on our interactive digital map. Please stay on the blazed trails.

The cemetery is open daily 7am to dusk.

The main entrance to Evergreen Cemetery is located at 672 Stevens Avenue across from Baxter Woods and next to the Westbrook College campus of the University of New England. Parking is available in the cemetery. In addition to the main entrance, there are additional pedestrian entrances on Brentwood Street and Woodvale Street.

Please note that dogs must be kept on-leash when in the cemetery.

Please do not feed the ducks. Why? More info here.