Trail Details

    This trail combines existing trails, sidewalks and routes to make an end to end 10 mile hike.

  • Map/Directions: Google Map: Start and Finish
  • Accessible by: Start accessible by Bus 5, Finish point accessible by Bus 9A/B.
  • Activities: Activities will vary depending on trail section.

Created to celebrate our 20th anniversary, this 10-mile route across the best of Portland comprises 9 trails, school campuses, several parks, an historic cemetery, two waterfalls(!), and connecting sidewalks. On the Portland Trails V4 map, the Forest City Trail is indicated in yellow. This is reflected on our digital map. On the ground, the trail is blazed with white blazes.

Begin with any of the trails, and do all or part of the series. Tom Jewell, Portland Trails co-founder and designer of the Forest City Walk, generally takes it from southeast to northwest, using the following routes/stops.
-Stroudwater River Trail, begin at the trail spur behind Unum, end at Congress Street
-Fore River Sanctuary, begin on Congress Street, end at Hillcrest Street
-Rowe School Trail, begin on Lomond Street, end at Warwick Street
-Evergreen Cemetery and University of New England Campus, begin on Penwood Drive, end at College Road, leading onto Stevens Avenue
-Portland Arts and Technology High School, begin on Allen Avenue, end at Skylark Road
-Shalom House Trail, begin on Washington Avenue, end at Auburn Street
-Lyseth-Moore-Pine Grove, begin on Lyseth Moore Drive, end at Bramblewood Drive
-Oat Nuts Park, begin on Summit Street, end at Presumpscot River Preserve
-Presumpscot River Preserve & Presumpscot Falls