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Trail Details

    Please note: The Stroudwater Trail has been extended since the printing of our most recent map. For the most updated route information, please refer to the digital map on our website. The image to the left is an estimation.
  • Map/Directions: Google Map
  • Accessible by: Bus 5
  • Length: 3.3 miles
  • Activities: Hiking, mountain biking, dog-friendly, foliage, excellent for snowshoeing and cross country skiing.


This densely wooded trail follows the winding banks of the Stroudwater River from the historic Stroudwater Village area to Smiling Hill Farm. Benches have been provided at scenic outlooks, and there are a number of bridges traversing streams and soggy areas. The middle of the trail, between Blueberry Road and Hutchins Drive, is closed in winter as it crosses through one of Portland’s few remaining deeryards and provides valuable deer habitat during the winter months. Please be respectful of this area and pay attention to signs.

From the River’s Edge Drive trailhead off outer Congress Street, the gravel trail descends down a steep grade via newly built granite stairs to reach the Stroudwater River. The trail then continues west along the river at a flat slope, with boardwalks traversing wet areas. The terrain gradually becomes more hilly until it climbs a steep slope. The trail passes a side path up to the UNUM campus. The trail runs underneath the turnpike past a second trailhead at Blueberry Road, and then through dry, hilly wooded areas before crossing an open area near Hutchins Drive. The trail narrows and continues across Spring St, where it ends at Smiling Hill Farm.

In the other direction towards Portland, a short walk along Congress Street sidewalks leads to the Fore River Trail and the Fore River Sanctuary entrance.

The Stroudwater Trail can be accessed by one of three trailheads, each with parking for 3-5 vehicles. From outer Congress Street look for Portland Trails’ sign 1/10-mile west of Westbrook Street at River’s Edge Drive. Larger parking areas are available at Blueberry Road and Hutchins Drive, located further west on Congress Street, beyond the I-95 overpass. Plus, if you walk or take the bus you don’t need to worry about parking at all!